Sunday Morning Worship Celebration, 08/07/11

Aug 8, 2011   //   by Joshua March   //   Worship  //  1 Comment

What an exciting week in music and praising the Lord!

The Worship Team was very excited to share with you a new song (or at least new to Rosedale). Open the Eyes of My Heart exemplifies the attitude of praise and seeking that we should strive to have in our everyday walk of faith. This song reminds us that a deeper walk of faith is an intentional act and that until we make a decision to allow the Lord to open the ‘eyes’ of our hearts, we will never experience a deeper relationship with Him.

I also want to say a big thanks and an even bigger wow to Dale for sharing his song with us! It is unfortunate that the majority of you do not get the chance to know Dale like the rest of the Worship Team does and get to know his heart and passion for allowing the Lord to reveal music to him. And on a personal note, Dale, on more than one occasion, you have been an inspiration to me in my musical journey of faith as I work to develop my talents for the Lord’s service. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord!

As always, thanks for your prayer and support. We already have another new song in the works and you can expect to hear it in just a few weeks.

See you next Sunday!


1 Comment

  • I am very proud of the worship team. I know that prayer and the Anointing of God fuels what happens on a Sunday morning during our worship time. It sets the mood for the Word of God to be preached.

    Pastor tony


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