New to Rosedale?

Welcome to Rosedale! We understand that it can be difficult to visit a new church for the first time, so we want to be as helpful as possible in making your visit an enjoyable experience. Led by Pastor Tony Zibolski, Rosedale seeks to provide you a church experience that is both reverent to the Lord but also relevant to your daily life. Whether you are just curious about church and God or you are a committed follower of Christ, you are welcome here. We hope that you enjoy exploring our website–but we also hope that you don’t stop there. Join us this Sunday for a high-impact, Christ-centered worship service that just may change your life!

How should I dress?

At Rosedale, we want you to feel comfortable and accepted as yourself while worshiping God with us. We believe that God is more interested in our hearts than He is in our clothing! Some of us enjoy dressing up for our worship times while others prefer to dress more casually. On a typical Sunday, you’ll find those wearing ties and dresses seated next to those in jeans and shorts. We invite you to dress how you are most comfortable and you will be loved and accepted just the way you are.

What is the worship like?

God has blessed Rosedale with a unique style of worship experience that you may not find anywhere else.

We realize that while God and his Word are timeless and unchanging, the way that we demonstrate our worship and praise to Him can take varied forms throughout the generations. Seeking to break down all divisions of age and culture, Rosedale offers a flavor of ‘blended’ worship that is all its own.

Reinforcing our vision to be both “Reverent and Relevant”, Sunday mornings at Rosedale often employ both the traditional hymns that have been popular for generations as well as the newest contemporary Christian worship favorites that you may sing along with while in your car or at home. Empowered by holy boldness, we are not afraid to try a new arrangement of an older song or create our own personalized version of a current radio favorite. We have a full team of singers who help to lead us in worship backed by a keyboard/piano and guitars.

God calls us to be united in our worship, but we realize that each of us has his or her own unique way of expressing praise and adoration to God. For many, this means singing, clapping, and raising their hands; and for others, this means quietly reflecting on the words of the song. At Rosedale, we invite you to join us in expressing your heart in praise to God.

What about the offering?

Because God gives us so much, we cherish the opportunity that God provides us to worship Him through the giving of His tithes and our offerings. As our guest, it is important to us that you do not feel any pressure or obligation to give during this time. This is an act of worship for those who regularly attend Rosedale, allowing them to thank God for all of the wonderful things that He is doing in their lives. These offerings also constitute the financial support that allows Rosedale to continue to reach people for Christ.

If you’re new to Rosedale, instead of placing money in the plate, we would invite you to fill out a welcome card if you have not already done so upon arrival. You’ll find a welcome card in the pew in front of you. Just drop the completed card into the plate as it comes by.

What kind of sermon will I hear?

In all we do, we strive to seek and to live the Word of God. Each of our Sunday mornings offers you a life-changing opportunity in the preaching of God’s Word through a relevant, straightforward, ‘apply to your life right now’ message that is founded on biblical scripture. We believe that the messages delivered by Pastor Tony will provide you an encounter with God that just might prevent you from leaving the same way that you came in! These messages will provide you the tools you need in order to nurture a living, breathing, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Want to hear a sample? We publish each Sunday’s sermon so that you can listen online via our website– or even via podcast! You can also find us on iTunes.

What do you have for my children?

The safety, security, and care of your children is of utmost importance to us at Rosedale. We have a current state background check and clearance for every children’s worker, teacher, nursery worker, youth leader, and staff member. We want Rosedale to be a place where you can worship freely while having the highest confidence in the safety of your children.

For children less than three years of age, we offer full-fledged nursery services. For children from ages three to fifth grade, we offer a Children’s Church that engages our kids in age-appropriate worship and discipleship training. And for those a little older, HighHopes offers a culture-relevant youth group experience that will enable your teen to encounter God in an amazing way.

Sounds great! Now what?

Interested in visiting us? We’d love to see you this Sunday! We have directions available online or you may contact us with any questions. See you soon!



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