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Jul 26, 2011   //   by Joshua March   //   Web Support  //  No Comments

I’ve created a new category for the purpose of public correspondence regarding Properties activities (e.g. Ben wanted to post a skills questionaire or ask who might be available to paint something). This is not to be used for Board-only Properties conversations.

This category is restricted to the Church Family group. This means that random websurfers will not read about maintenance that we need done but will this allow for our congregation to participate in things that the Properties chair posts. The Properties chair is always free to also/instead post in Announcements & General News. Just 1) realize the whole world can see it and 2) this would be better suited for announcing a work day rather than a door needing hung or something. (This being said, we should all be mindful of what we post and where! You can always change ‘where’ something is posted even after you post it. And if you’re struggling, I can fix it for you–just call or email me!)

If anyone has any feedback regarding how to change/improve it, let me know! And, Ben, if you’d like it called something else, please let me know and I’ll have it changed.



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