Projection System Construction Updates

May 23, 2012   //   by Joshua March   //   Announcements & General News, Worship  //  2 Comments

Looking for coverage of Rosedale’s Projection System demolition and construction? You’ve come to the right place!

Check this spot for video and pictures of the whole process, giving you all the great views but with none of the dust or need to wear safety goggles!

Week of June 18

We are up and operational! You won’t want to miss Sunday Morning Worship on July 1 when we use it for first time in a service! What a great time to invite a friend!

Day 9-10

Getting really close here! Projector is up and the screen is controllable! Just the computer, the rear-of-house LCD, and a few small things and we’re ready to go! We’re hopeful to be able to bring the system online for testing next week!

Check out the Day 9-10 video tour!

Download Video

Day 8

The screen is up and the carpet is in! Projector coming on Tuesday!

Check out the Day 8 video tour!

Download Video

Day 6-7

Painting is finished and the new desk has been wired for electricity. The screeen is coming soon!

Day 5

Electrical work is done so we can plug things in again! Painting has begun, and general clean-up has taken place. Want a look?

Aw, you don’t think I was going to spoil it for you, was I? No, you’ll have to see on Sunday for yourself!

Day 4

What a day! Not only was the drywall completed, but the plastic dust covers came down, and the remaining studs and supports were removed! And best of all– the new desk is in! And rewiring has begun!

You should have seen the view–well you will on Sunday, but, oh, to be there in person! Couldn’t be there? No problem–just check the video and pictures below!

Check out the Day 4 video tour (and, yes, the cookie-muncher knew we were filming)!

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Day 3

The first coat of drywall is back up and some more of the supports are down. Aaaaand… The new desk is here!

The good news? It looks amazing! Twelve incredible feet of “Is this thing really ours? It looks so good!” The bad news? The drywall isn’t done, so it’s sitting in the foyer instead of the Sanctuary! Here’s hoping that it finds its way to its new home tomorrow–but you’ll have to check back to see for yourself!”

Check out the Day 3 video tour!

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Day 2

The LAM beam has been installed and some of the studs are down. Rumor is they had 8 people here today working to make this happen! Check back tomorrow for even more updates!

Check out the Day 2 video tour!

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Day 1

The drywall has been removed and we’re down to bare studs. Even after just one day of (de)construction, the Sanctuary feels so open! We’ll keep bringing you the latest!

Check out the Day 1 video tour!

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  • I use to attend this church and by the looks of it has come a long way. Watching this has brought back many memories.


  • Everyone is doing a great job. Project is right on time and will be ready for wedding on Saturday.


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