Vacation Bible School – Operation Overboard

Mar 12, 2012   //   by Jess Nordai   //   Announcements & General News, Children  //  1 Comment

What are you most excited for with this year’s VBS? What are you expecting God to do? Please let me know. Your excitement keeps my batteries charged!


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  • For me…

    It’s seeing the excitement that each of the volunteers has to share the Lord’s love with each of the children that He has given us the privildege to watch walk through our doors.

    It’s seeing the excitement that each of the children experience even as they walk in the door, ready for what we have carefully planned for the evening.

    It’s seeing the children taking their crafts, stories, and the gospel home to their parents and sometimes begging them to come back the next night– even when it’s Friday.

    While Rosedale isn’t the only VBS out there, I’m not certain that many other churches have a higher ‘care per person’ ratio than Rosedale if all the hours spent preparing could be counted, the energy expended could be measured, and the tears fallen could be weighed.

    Ben’s reference to VBS as Rosedale’s Super Bowl is a very fitting analogy.

    And thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and, certainly not least, excitement to this personally, Jess. Even the ministry leads can’t ever know just how much of yourself you give to make VBS the truly successful and life-changing ministry that it is!


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