Announcing the New Worship Media Ministry Team!

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Rosedale’s Video Projection System is on the way!

…but wait– there’s more!

While the Video Projection System promises to give Rosedale many exciting new ways to minister, the System itself brings several new ministry opportunities to Rosedale as well! These new ministry impacts are such that we’re reorganizing how we do both video and audio tasks! Yes, together they make up the new Worship Media Ministry!

The following are Worship Media Ministry areas that will need addressed as we move into this new chapter in our Church’s life. Interested in several areas? No problem! Only able to help every other week? No problem! We’ll work together to find the participation level that’s right for you.


  • Critcal Need: Creating video presentations for worship songs.
  • Critcal Need: Creating weekly video “announcement loops” for display before Sunday services (would include birthdays and anniversaries).
  • Critcal Need: Creating themed video presentations for holidays and special services.
  • Creating video Scipture and Responsive Reading ‘”slides” as needed by service requirements.
  • Creating graphics, logos, or other copy as needed.
  • Develop new ways to  use media within worship services., within the Church building, and for events.
  • Develop new ways to use media on Rosedale’s website.


  • Critcal Need: Running video presentation software and related video equipment during Sunday Morning Worship and other activities.
  • Running sound board and related audio equipment during Sunday Morning Worship and other activities.
  • Photography of people, Church building, and events.
  • Videography and interview of people and events.
  • Administration of Rosedale’s website’s media content: video, pictures, and sound.

Now don’t fool yourself into thinking you have to be an artist, graphic designer, or computer tech to help in these areas (though those things certainly won’t hurt)! The Media Ministry Team will work together to best utilize our God-given gifts for His glory in creative and technical ways! If you feel God has given you a gift related to anything creative or technical in a presentation environment, then the Worship Media Ministry Team just may be for you! See Josh for details or to sign up!


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